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Step By Step Guide To Dark Web Markets

Install Tails
TAILS (The Amnesiac Incognito Live System) is a unique version (Debian-based) of Linux. It will not leave traces of user activity. Your operating system will be free to use and live boots from DVDs or USB sticks.
With TAILS, there is no need to worry about file or cookies to hard-drive without your permission. Moreover, there is no need to worry about the danger of browsers dumping data (page out) on your disk. Numerous browsers prefer this for efficiency and speed.
Moreover, TAILS is pre-installed in Tor Browser. There is no need to worry about additional steps once you are running. The traffic of web on TAILS machine will be routed automatically through Tor.
If an operating system detects a non-anonymous connection, it will block them automatically. TAILS has built-in productivity tools, such as email client and word processor. It allows you to do more instead of just browsing the web.

Take Necessary Security Precautions
The darknet marketplaces are popular among cybercriminals, hackers, unsavory types and malware creators. Considering the nature of the dark web market, you should not ignore the probability of attacks. For this reason, you have to close all open apps on your device before opening a Tor browser.
Immediately stop the use of unnecessary services and cover webcams with a paper. Make sure to install antivirus security on your device before using a darknet market. An anti-malware and antivirus can protect you from numerous threats.

Tor (The Onion) Browser
A specific browser is necessary to access a dark web market. With the use of Safari, Chrome or Firefox, you can’t access these markets. For dark web, you must have Tor (the Onion) browser). Make sure to install and download the browser by visiting a Tor website.
Remember, you can access regular sites of the internet with the help of Tor browser. The primary purpose of this browser is to access particular dark web markets. Tor can protect your location by running internet traffic via virtual private networks (Tor Relays). Remember, Tor may be slower than your regular browser. It is necessary for your privacy.

Obtain URLs for Dark Web
The dark web may run its URL format with .onion. Therefore, it is different than a regular link. A regular link can be http://www.abc.com, and a link for the dark web would be http://thpsi54ss45hjh.onion.
Keep it in mind that dark web links don’t use .net, .com, .org or other things used by standard domains. Link of a dark web may not have a proper name, such as eBay, Yahoo or Google. It randomly chooses characters; therefore, shady web sites can be difficult to guess and find. For this reason, dark web markets are attractive to criminals. It allows you to operate under the radar.
Sites of the dark web may go down and up all the time. For this reason, it is impossible to figure out the URL. Web search engines of the dark web are unreliable. Remember, operators of dark web don’t need indexing for their website by search engines. They trust word of mouth from reliable supporters.

Dive in This Web
After installing the Tor browser, open it and look at some sites. It is easy to install this browser without any particular configuration. Tor is a modified form of Firefox, but there is no need to install extensions of Firefox. This browser may have two pre-installed extensions: HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript. These are important for security.
Keep it in mind that the dark web is the wildest west without rules and regulations. You may encounter some dangerous and creepy individuals on chat rooms and forums. There is no need to reveal your personally-identifying information.
It is essential to caution about links before clicking on them. Remember, clicking on child pornography can be dangerous for everyone. By clicking on this link, you can put yourself in legal jeopardy. Sometimes, you can fall in the trap of police because they monitor this type of sites.


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