Monopoly Market Review

Monopoly Dark Web Market

Monopoly market is a dark web market that sells only drugs instead of digital goods. It doesn’t need registration and uses only Monero. This platform is designed for reliable vendors for scam-free dealings. Similar to other markets, it is hosted on the Tor network. You will need a particular browser known as Tor to access this platform. It is essential to install the tor browser and type in the URLs to use it as other websites.
Create Your Account
Monopoly market doesn’t need an account. It allows you to deal with vendors of dark web markets directly. You can buy products without any middleman. Some people find it unsafe, but you have to trust established vendors. In this way, you will not need check-and-balance systems like other markets. You have to fill out a CAPTCHA to access this market for the first time.
Functions and Interface
As compared to other markets, monopoly is famous for its straightforward and simple interface. You can get its main menu at the top of the home page. This menu has these essential functions:
Market: allows you to access the main page of monopoly with relevant listings
Vendors: you can get a list of vendors selling products on the website
Blog: you will check the blog for your guidance to send payments on this marketplace. Moreover, you can find out about PGP
Dread: it is a link to sub dread monopoly
Help: read the general FAQ. It doesn’t have any support system because you don’t need any user accounts.
To browse for goods, the categories are placed on the left sidebar. You can see listings in the middle. Its design is different than the empire market. Check essential function for search above menu categories. This self-explanatory platform lacks some crucial options. It is possible to see anti-scam measures on this platform. Monopoly has different listings and vendors.
You can see alcohol, benzos, cannabis, dissociatives, ecstasy, opioids, prescription, steroids, psychedelics, tobacco, weight loss, stimulants, etc. Each category offers different types of products. You can use search filters and functions if you are looking for a specific product. Filters will help you to find things as per country and price.
Best Features of Monopoly Market
It is one of the best darknet marketplaces with several unique features. You will need XMR for online transactions. See the main features of this market.
Lack of Phishing Attempts
The userless system will decrease phishing attempts. Its network runs slowly; therefore, you have to wait a bit longer to order something. You can get the desired listing without any login. With a monopoly, ordering something is a straightforward procedure. Moreover, you can use an order code to check the status of the order.
A PGP allows you to reset your information during checkout. Moreover, you can use PGP to encrypt your message. Vendors can compensate you for losses. An extra security benefit is not associated with numerous orders because of an encrypted message.
Unlike cannazon market, you can get the advantage of a walletless system. You have to make payment directly to vendors. They don’t guarantee wallets or any control on wallets. You can have an onsite balance or wallet and hold user funds. Users can use the direct deal system. Make sure to trust on their established vendors.
XMR Exclusive
Monero is becoming a standard mode of payment. It is especially useful for lazy people who can leave their tracks behind. This situation is not suitable for society. Remember, blockchain analyst dogs can become bankrupt because they are getting benefits from your misfortune.
Drug Focused Market
The marketplace pays attention to the sale of physical drugs instead of digital products. They want to avoid accusations and issues validating because a digital item can be fake.
Its panel for vendors is separate for the marketplace. Remember, if their main URLs are compromised or attacked, their vendors can work and fulfill orders without any trouble. If the URL of a vendor is leaked, he can thwart this attack quickly.
LDN (Link Distribution Network)
In the current climate, you can get the advantage of automatic mirror rotation. It must be the only place to get links for monopoly. Make sure to treat a Monopoly market similar to law enforcement tasks. You must not hand any information that can be dangerous for you. Remember, messages must be encrypted. After finalizing a trade, you have to delete data of the order.
Similar to the whitehouse market, you can send your Monero at a given address and get the transaction ID along with Secret View Key. By default, your payment needs almost ten confirmations. They don’t have automatic corn or queue job.
You have to confirm your transaction at the right time. It can trigger your script. Messages are disabled, and your order will be invisible to vendors before making payment. Unfunded requests may be expired after almost 12 hours. You must make payment to get confirmation within this period.
Best Way to Decrease Scamming
Monopoly market doesn’t control any wallets and forwarded payments. You can avoid annoying delays for confirmation, price fluctuation, technical issue and delays/complaints of vendors. It will decrease the time to make purchases. You can avoid evil vendors before they permit to sell on the dark web markets. They perform these checks before hiring vendors:
Old feedback on similar marketplaces
Posts in the community so that people can see complaints
Age of vendor’s profile and their experience in the community
You have to establish a positive footprint to vend on your marketplace. It is essential to pay attention to defect rate, pending orders, and listing approval.
Defect Rate
It means disputes a vendor may have open at a particular time. After reaching this limit, their selling abilities will be restricted automatically until this limit falls below the verge. It is an abuse, but if you suspect orchestrated attacks against vendors, they can be removed. The vendor will control these funds.
Listing Approval
Pending orders can be helpful to avoid current scams when vendors hit their limit to simulate orders. They are unable to take further orders until they fall below their limit. Listings are approved manually before they go live. It is necessary to ensure quality and maintain a tidy marketplace.
Options for Scammers
This dark web market has zero control over user funds. In this situation, users can be scammed by replacing the address of the sender. It must be seen quickly and result in an absolute collapse of the marketplace within 2 to 3 hours.
Moreover, scammers can create fake vendor accounts and boost red-flagged limits. It is easy to catch this scam because people will not fall for random vendors. This platform is trustable because they are working to help people. Users can use this real and unfiltered community. This lean, functional and solid marketplace prepared to be flooded with great ideas.
Commission rates may be excelled for sellers. It is negotiable because there is no flat rate for vendors. The number of sales and stickied listings fairly order your listings. A private message through a dread account or XMPP address can be a regular thing. Vendors may issue a dedicated link and complete with 2FA PGP security. Listings can limit to 3 subcategories to decrease low-quality spam.

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