Empire Market

Empire Dark Web Market

Empire market is the newest and deep darknet marketplaces on the Tor network. This market is the most exciting and thriving market modeled after Alphabay. It is the most successful market after SilkRoad. The user-friendly interface allows you to promote easy-understanding and usability. It is famous for its recent updates, vending and security features.
This market was formerly known as Omega Bay Market. Remember, this market didn’t fool people because they were clear about being a new, independent and separate platform. It feels and looks similar to Alphabay, with the buttons and options being exactly where they were on an old platform.
Empire Market Mirrors
A popular dark web market similar to Empire is under DDoS attacks. For this reason, you will find mirrors to access this market in the absence of a primary URL.
To access the Empire market, you will need a registration. The marketplace will ask you to login/register. It may not ask for identifiable information. Important fields are a password, a username, and a pin. It doesn’t need verification or email ID. These accounts can be activated instantly, and you must not worry about wait-period. Remember, you will not need invites. Users may leave an invite-user field blank.
After entering essential details, you can join this market. If you don’t have any issue with the marketplace, you will see a Mnemonic recovery code. You have to note down this code for your safety. Make sure to enter this code correctly. This code is a master-key and utilized to recover your darknet account after losing your account.

User-interface of Empire Market
The interface of this market is inspired by Alphabay. An Alphabay user can easily use this market. Once you log in, the top bar of the marketplace allows you to send messages, orders and become a vendor. You can consider this menu and hold navigational links to different parts and sections of the site. The message option allows you to send direct messages to individual buyers, vendors and users on this dark web market.
With the orders tab, you can access archived and current orders. Feel free to become a vendor after getting a vending license on this market. Balance allows you to check your current balance for different currencies supported on this marketplace. With the use of links, you can reach the support or forum staff. In short, the interface of this marketplace is simple. Every first-timer can stroll around or get to the necessary products.

Products Available on the Empire Market
Similar to other darknet marketplaces, you can find over 15385 products. It can be an exciting section for users. With over 3,000 individual listings, you can see available products. Popular product categories include fraud, digital products, chemicals and drugs, counterfeit items, carded items, gold and jewels, services, malware and software, hosting and security, etc.
The dark web markets have more than 50% of the total stock. It is dominated by chemicals and drugs dividing the inventory into Cannabis, Steroids, Ecstacy, Opioids and Alcohol. Feel free to purchase digital products in the marketplace. The category dominates almost 25% of the total stock of the market. It offers almost 3174 individual listings. You will find Erotica, E-books, Software and Game Keys on this platform.
Another popular category in this marketplace is tutorials and guides. It has listings of almost 1374 products. The sub-categories include hacking, fraud and drugs that lead users to numerous guides on hacking, scams and drug-making.
You can access an inventory of over 493 counterfeit items. There is no need to spend a fortune on your branded jewelry, clothes, etc. Gold and jewels are essential category that has 125 products. In Malware and Software, you will get almost 285 listings, software, keys, botnets, payloads, etc.
Another category “Security and Hosting” has 124 products. Feel free to purchase hosting servers from this category or security-related products, including Socks, VPNs, etc. This market has skyrocketed its inventory and capable of catering diverse needs.
With this recent addition to the marketplace, you can get the advantage of automated shops. These shops can auto-dispatch the purchased items without getting approval from vendors. An autoshop can auto-dispatch purchased items without waiting for the approval from vendors. An autoshop is divided into two segments:
Accounts Autoshop
Credit Cards Autoshop
Credit cards autoshop sell sniffed, hacked and stolen credit cards with handsome balance for negligible prices. These advanced autoshops include card checkers that allow you to check the pre-purchase status of the card. They are responsible for ensuring the delivery of live cards instead of dead ones.
On the other hand, accounts autoshops sell accounts to premium services and sites, such as Amazon, Netflix, PayPal and Spotify accounts. You may get some foreign products including PSD templates for licenses and credit card dump. Sometimes, it is possible to get your desired account.

Restricted Items
On this dark web market, you are not allowed to deal with prostitution, murder and child pornography. This marketplace is liberal with its allowed and not allowed items. It enables sale and purchase of weapons with a restriction.
Security of Empire Market
There is no need to worry about the safety of this account. With its security feature, you can ensure protection from hackers. You can get the advantage of anti-scam measures to prevent scams, frauds and other issues.
Empire market is ready to provide the best security to its users. You will get proper support for login phrase, recovery code, 2-FA and security PIN. Remember, you have to set up login phrase during registration. It must be a unique sentence or phrase.
It can be a secret code between you and the Empire marketplace. If hackers create any duplicate publishing site, they will copy the layout only. The backend database will not bet there. Your secret phrase will be a part of this database. If your phrase is not displaying accurately, it may signify you are on a phishing site.
With 2-factor authentication, you can secure your accounts and get an extra layer of security. Similar to customary 2-factor authentication, you will get OTP to your cell phones. This market can’t ask your number because you have to provide a PGP key. Make sure to use your PGP key to decode encrypted messages.
You can use this key even in case compromised passwords because hackers can’t get access to your account without this key. Recovery code is similar to your master password. With this code, it will be easy for you to recover an account after losing access to your account or forgetting your password.
In the final step, a security pin is necessary to enhance your security. With this 6-digit PIN, you can perform required actions on your account, including withdrawal of funds and make purchases. Moreover, you will get iron-clad security and four firewalls. Efficient escrow service is beneficial for all parties to avoid scammers. Users can enjoy peace of mind with account-transparency. Everything is transparent for both buyers and vendors.

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