Dark Web Markets Guide

Introduction to Dark Web Markets

Dark Web Markets

A dark web market or cryptomarket operates via I2P or Tor on the web. They work as black markets, brokering or selling transactions involving steroids, unlicensed pharmaceuticals, forged documents, details of stolen credit card, counterfeit currency, weapons, cyber-arms, drugs, and other illegal products. Here are some other markets in the darknet market.

Empire Market
Empire market is the dominant player in the industry, so hackers and scammers build fake URLs for this market to scam people. This market was known as Omega Bay Market. It can increase the confusion of users.

Cannazon Market
Cannazon is the only market to deal with cannabis. This market focuses on a smooth and secure shopping experience. It focuses on cannabis products to keep this market away from dangerous and illegal drugs. Customers and vendors may get a top-quality system to arrange their orders. They are assisting your needs with professional support.
The Cannazon Market strongly forbid anime pornography, ammunition, bombs, teen leaks, explosives, digital goods, human organs, snuff films, poisons or toxins, terrorism-related products, weapons, etc.

Whitehouse Market
Whitehouse market offers over 593 products, such as Opioids, Steroids, Dissociatives, Ecstasy, Cannabis, etc. Services offered may include carding, VPNs, hacking and fake documents. Forgeries offer numerous forged items, such as electronics, jewelry, currency and watches. You will not find terrorism-related products, child porn, hitmen and killer service, weapons and tutorials.
This marketplace has essential security features. It offers PGP as a security feature. Remember, this feature is mandatory for sellers and buyers. You can’t access these features without a PGP-enabled account. Moreover, 2-factor authentication is available. Maximum marketplaces on the dark web accept XMR payment and Centralized Escrow methods.
Mandatory PGP and 2-FA
Dark web markets have essential PGP requirements. Users can use it after setting up PGP key for profiles. Without fulfilling this requirement, users can’t place orders. The PGP enables 2-FA for user profiles. It may not allow unencrypted (plaintext) communication on the platform.
Every withdrawal order must be PGP-signed. It ensures that even a password of the user and a 2-FA is compromised. The hackers try to get access to PGP private keys for withdrawals. DDoS attacks are server and domain-specific. For this reason, unique and personal marketplace domains are necessary for high-volume sellers and buyers.


CannaHome Marketplace
Among darknet marketplaces, you can trust CannaHome to buy cannabis and drugs. It is a Tor hidden service with marijuana and shrooms. Unlike other markets, it caters the needs of USA residents. It offers a safe place for shrooms and cannabis lovers to build and shop a fantastic community.
The marketplace supports the rights of adults. They can use their rights to buy low-risk substance, such as shrooms and cannabis. You can buy these substances for recreation and medical needs. CannaHome was inspired by CGMC because it has a similar user interface. They are working on high ethical standards.

CannaHome hoped on walletless system to avoid troubles with centralized wallet system. It uses PGP authenticated logins for additional security. You will not find counterfeiting, fraud, fentanyl and heroin. Users can get the advantage of easy-to-use escrow (multi-sig) on each purchase along with a direct payment. Remember, CannaHome is selectively approving applications of vendors.
Vendors need verifiable and substantial vending experience on darknet market, high ratings and reputation for persuasive communication. The integrity of the candidate can make him an ideal candidate.
Similar to other dark web markets, it has a support desk where you will get a PGP-signed message. Vendors must be USA-based only, but global customers can shop with vendors (shipping overseas). Remember, intruders, can’t get access to the data of this market system. Confidential data of customers are not exposed to buyers or vendors. They keep this platform updated to discourage hackers and other illegal attempts.
Best Security Features
Two-factor authentication offers an extra layer of security to each CannaHome account. You will get an additional layer of security other than your password. It is an excellent way to decrease the risk of exposure, even if you have a compromised account. To tip your vendor, you can use a vendor tip jar. A vendor must not have a listing of a tip jar. After overpaying for an order, this system assumes that it is a mistake and your money will be refunded to your address.
Multisignature escrow is the best technology to ensure the security of Bitcoin transactions. Unlike regular addresses, it is not possible to spend funds of a multi-sig address. Remember, these accounts need a signature of multiple parties. It is an excellent way to stop a single party from spending coins. You will be able to use the direct payment (Walletless) system. CannaHome is free from wallets. It follows the cart and checkout procedures. You have to give an exact amount and one payment address.

BitBazaar Marketplace
BitBazaar is a new dark web market supporting numerous cryptocurrencies. It features the highest commission rate for referrals, allows purchases without accounts and support an auction system similar to eBay. See the best features of BitBazaar:
Walletless (zero central wallets)
Accountless (it is possible to buy without any account)
BitAuction (an auction system similar to eBay)
Fast Support
Encrypt Messages
BitAsk (integrated forum)
BitHow (integrated platform to share articles and guides)
1% commission fee for vendors
You will need Dash, Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin to make transactions on this platform. With this non-intrusive marketplace, there is no need to register you. It is possible to browse and purchase products without registering on this marketplace. Non-registered users may make payment by generating trade-specific, one-time payment address.
Unlike other darknet marketplaces, you will not need any deposit to make purchases. You can start a trade without submitting any deposit. It is possible to make purchases as per your convenience. No doubt, registration is available. If you want to register, you have to fill an accessible form. Users have to create their display name, username and a PIN. It is an anonymous marketplace where you can make purchases even without registration.
Similar to other dark web markets, it features a user-friendly interface. You will get different options to check orders, make payments and FAQs. This marketplace allows you to buy drugs, such as Psychedelic, Prescription, Opioids, Stimulants and Cannabis. Every category is sub-divided into small divisions.
In sub-categories, you can get Hash, Weed, Seeds, Edibles, etc. In the category of Benzos, you can buy Xanax and Valium. Moreover, stimulants include Speed, Pills, Meth, Cocaine, etc. This platform also offers malware/software, digital and physical products. In dark web markets, you can commonly get Game Keys, eBooks, Cards, PayPal accounts and Software.

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